RGD launches call for papers for new Academic Journal

Final Deadline for submissions: February 7, 2020


RGD’s International Journal of Graphic Design Pedagogy and Practice is a platform for discourse on the role of design education and design educators in the 21st century. 


The Journal explores aspects of teaching and learning in a visual communication design context, including: curriculum development, design research, critical pedagogy, strategies and methodologies. RGD welcomes submissions from educators, practitioners and students that include case studies, pilot and research projects and literature reviews. 


Design has tremendous power to engage with global, social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges. It is useful for design educators to reflect on where design has been and to think about where it will go in order to understand how design pedagogy can prepare students to be agents of and for change. What considerations and issues must educators address in order to best prepare the next generation of designers?


RGD’s International Journal of Graphic Design Pedagogy and Practice is a new undertaking that aims to support designers working in academic realms or engaged in graduate studies with a platform for dissemination of research and critical pedagogical practices. RGD hopes that it will strengthen Canada's academic community and expand our connections worldwide.


By examining the evolving contexts and practices of design around the world, we seek areas of opportunity in which design curricula and the industry can evolve. The purpose of the RGD International Journal of Graphic Design Pedagogy and Practice is to create a collective of design practitioners, academics and educators. The sustainability of the Journal depends on respectful and reciprocal collaboration—those who write for the Journal also participate as peer reviewers.


To submit your paper, go to www.judgify.me/rgdeducatorsjournal


The Final Deadline for submissions is February 7, 2020.


Submission Details:

- all papers must strictly follow APA style guidelines

- all papers must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (not pdf)

- all papers must have all author information removed (from the Word document) for blind-review process

- word count should be between 4,000 and 8,000 words (abstract, biography, references, figure captions and tables not counted toward the final word count)

- submission must include a 200-word abstract, list of 5 keywords and an author bio of 100 words

- all factual statements must be supported by cited sources or research evidence

- all images, illustrations, figures and tables must be inserted into the word document and accompanied by permission letter if they are not of your making

- by submitting a paper you are also agreeing to referee (peer review) a maximum of 3 other articles

- when selected to be a reviewer, please respect the due date (you may defer up to 2 times at which point your own article will be suspended)

- Name your article using the first 4 words in your article’s title, in sentence case, with no spaces (example: RegisteredGraphicDesignArticle.doc)

- if using human participants in your research, please submit ethics review approval or consent forms


To submit your paper:

1. Please check your manuscript very carefully (proofread for spelling and grammar, and check for viruses) before submission in order to avoid delays and extra rounds of revisions.

2. Once uploaded, your paper will be put into queue for peer-review.

3. Once reviewed by 2 peers, you will receive notification of results at which time you will be asked to make the appropriate revisions and resubmit.

4. Once your paper is accepted for publication, it will be allocated to a forthcoming issue and you will receive page proofs by email in PDF format for final correction. These must be returned to the journal Editor by the dates determined by the RGD Journal's publication schedule. Any author's alterations other than typographical corrections in the page proofs may be charged to the author at the publisher's discretion.


If you have questions, email .