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Complete RGD's Certification Process by July 31!


Complete by July 31, 2019 to receive:

  • Free registration to DesignThinkers in Toronto 2019 OR in Vancouver in 2020 ($450 value)


What it means to be certified
As our lives get busier, it’s a challenge to find time for continuing education. Preparing for Certification might seem daunting. However, for these same reasons, going the distance to earn the RGD letters is testament to a designer's commitment to professional growth, an accountability to client needs and an agreement to adhere to ethical practices. These are powerful traits to have in an employee, and a compelling difference when clients are evaluating designers and design studios. Take a look at some other benefits of becoming a certified RGD Member.


What some have said about the process
"The certification process allowed me to look at my body of work, analyze (case studies) and reflect on it, and really think about what new skills I want to grow. The test material has made me more informed on accessibility and the RGD overall.”

"The most valuable part was the experience of presenting the portfolio to a jury; it was a great experience.”

"It was intimidating to apply. The takeaway I value most is knowing I've been embraced by a community that understands me.”

“The process reminded me why I became a designer in the first place. The readings were good. It has re-inspired me as a designer.”

"Writing the case studies was a great process. Often you finish projects and move on to the next. Taking time to analyze every project using RGD criteria helped me verify that I achieved the goals of my clients and apply learnings to future work."


4 Steps to RGD Certification
1. The process to apply involves completing a pdf application and submitting case studies for 6 projects
2. You will be contacted to schedule a week when you can complete our 80-minute, multiple choice, open-book online test
3. A 30-minute virtual Portfolio Presentation follows where you present your 6 case studies to 3 RGDs
4. After successfully completing these steps, you receive your detailed results and are invited to join as an RGD.


Please feel free to contact RGD’s Director of Membership, Heidi Veri, at , if you have any questions.