Skillshare: Minimalist Landmarks in Adobe Illustrator
Landmarks are often meeting points and tourist attractions—but they can also be fantastic subjects for evocative illustrations. Over the last few years, David Nuff RGD has created a number of works that prominently feature landmark illustrations. He recently released an online course on Skillshare outlining his process, working in Adobe Illustrator.


This class is for makers interested in creating compelling, focused artwork inspired by a landmark or point of interest. By the end of the class, students will have produced a minimalist image of your favourite landmark.

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Project Description

The project is to create an illustration of a landmark that means something to you.
Choose Your Landmark
Think about the place and what it represents. Find an interesting way to portray it. Ideally, visit the location. Upload any photos, sketches or references.
Compose Your Illustration
In sketching, focus on the core attributes the landmark has and try to distil them. Upload your progress and explorations.
Create Your Artwork
Using the tools of your choosing, develop a final piece that retains the minimalism of your sketches while expanding on details that help tell the story of the landmark. Feel free to upload work in progress.
Prep and Share Your Final Piece