Skillsharing Webinar
Presented by Ralph Kroman, Tara O'Reilly RGD and Iliana Sergeev RGD


Branded Environments: Brand Statements & Environmental Graphics

Presented by Iliana Sergeev RGD

Iliana is the founder of IS Design Labs, an interdisciplinary studio specializing in branding, graphics and spacial design for companies at all levels of maturity. Iliana discusses the importance of branded interiors, how to build up on brand principles and grow the story. She offers tips for bringing together brands and interiors through details with colours, materials, textures and graphics.


Canada's Trademark System Overhaul on June 17: New Rules and Opportunities

Presented by Ralph Kroman

Ralph is the Co-Chair of the Technology, Intellectual

Property and Privacy Group at WeirFoulds LLP.  On June 17, the Canadian Trademark System undergoes a major overhaul. Ralph talks about the benefits of trademark registration, the changes that will take effect and strategies for making good decisions under the new regime. 


Brand Strategy: Positioning Brands for Long-Term Success

Presented by Tara O'Reilly RGD

Tara is Founder, Brand Strategist & Designer at O'Reilly Design Co. Now more than ever, business leaders want fresh ideas and actionable insights to jumpstart their organizations, brands and critical messages. Tara presents strategies to build brand loyalty and inspire positive change.