Connect with RGD on social media for inspiration and opportunities to be featured

Designers are invited to connect with RGD on social media for instant updates and ongoing design inspiration. There are also various opportunities to have your work featured on RGD social platforms!


Certified RGDs are encouraged to use the hashtag #RGDproud when posting projects or announcements on social media and for a chance to be recognized by RGD. Using this hashtag will help alert RGD of news and interesting projects, and provide an opportunity to promote our Members through our social channels! 


Some opportunities include:

Case Study

Feature a project you've worked on that offers an interesting story, unique approach or particularly successful execution of an idea. Your project would be featured on the RGD website as a solo article, and then featured on all RGD's social media platforms.


Project Showcase

An opportunity to feature your new project on the RGD website along with 4-5 other RGD's projects. As opposed to a long article-style case study, your project would be highlighted with one rotating .gif and a short blurb. Your project would then be featured on all of RGD's social media platforms.


Insights Articles

Share some insights, based on your interests or specialties, in a variety of formats. In our Top 5 articles, Members share 5 of their favourite/most inspiring/most useful logos, album covers, podcasts, book designs, etc. Our Resource Lists are lists of recommendations on a topic or resource that you have found interesting / relevant. Lastly, our Industry Insights articles offer perspectives within the creative industry by providing insight into your specific design discipline or graphic design in your specific region.


Instagram Takeover

RGD Members 'take over' RGD's Instagram account for a day, to show off their studio or organization's design team and the work they've been doing. These takeovers reach an audience of over 2,500 engaged followers from the Canadian design community. Take a look at a recap of Harlequin Art Department's recent Takeover.
To take advantage of LinkedIn's networking potential and identify your RGD designation to other industry professionals, make sure your profile is set up properly:
- Go to "Add profile section" and select "Licenses & Certifications"
- Under "Name" write RGD Certification
- Under "Issuing Organization" select Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD)
- Under "Credential URL" include a link to your Designer Directory Profile
Here is how it will look:


Contact  to learn more about these opportunities and how to get involved.


Connect with us and see these new and exciting Member projects, as well as updates on RGD initiatives and programs. Help us to promote knowledge sharing and supporting fellow designers by engaging through social media.


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