RGD Webinar: Reg Wrestling - Finding creative solutions to the seemingly intractable limits

Presented by Berkeley Poole


VP of Creative for Tokyo Smoke Brands, Berkeley Poole, leads a discussion on how to let the creative process flow despite the industry you operate in. 


Pulling directly from her experience in marketing and design from her work with Karl Lagerfeld, the aisles of Barneys New York, to a brave new world in the newly-legal cannabis space, Berkeley will draw on her wealth of expertise across all media from ideation to execution.


Berkeley will offer her insights from the company's launch campaign and will discuss how to be clever, nimble and effectively more creative while playing within the confines of an immovable set of guidelines.

Takeaways include:

Tight regulation doesn't mean that creativity has to suffer. Finding creative solutions to the seemingly intractable limits posed by regulation can help to illuminate new thinking. Using the guardrails established through regulation can, in a way, be freeing. 

  • Learn how to unleash creativity in a highly restricted regulatory environment 
  • Where a creative can push the envelope yet stay within the rules 
  • How a shorter runway can lead to higher, faster results


About Berkeley Poole

Berkeley is the VP of Creative at Tokyo Smoke Brands, where she oversees and drives the creative for Tokyo Smoke, Van der Pop, Doja and Maitri. Her role and responsibilities include store design, brand collateral and retail experience for the Tokyo Smoke stores, e-commerce for each of the brands, ad campaigns, photo direction, product, packaging, social presence and more. Born and raised in Toronto, Berkeley graduated from York University and Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany before taking on roles at Barneys New York, V Magazine, Visionaire, Laired + Partners (working on Karl Lagerfeld and Calvin Klein) and MTV.