Colour Studies

Presented by Bob Hambly RGD


COLOUR STUDIES is a blog that explores Bob’s fascinations, observations and insights around the subject of colour.


Bob explains why he has a blog, the process of researching, writing and designing the content and the ongoing efforts to maintain and promote it. And along the way he’ll share a few of his favourite stories in hopes of reminding you of the important role colour plays in the world of design. Learn more about COLOUR STUDIES.


About Bob Hambly RGD 

Bob is the creative director of Hambly & Woolley Inc., a Toronto-based, multi-disciplinary design firm he co-founded with his partner, Barbara Woolley RGD. Over the past 25 years, the firm has received over 350 national and international design awards. His creative mind is always at work at H&W, where clients benefit from his fresh perspective, eye for detail and knack for personal service. Bob lectures frequently on design and design-related topics to varied organizations, associations and schools.


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