Skillsharing: Time Management, Creative Briefs

Presented by Greg Dubeau RGD and Michael Young RGD



12:00 pm - Time Management Skills for Thoughtful Designers

Presented by Greg Dubeau RGD

Greg did four years of art school, three years of design school, became a design intern, then a production artist, a graphic designer and then an art director before he decided to become a freelance graphic designer. He's based in Halifax, where he runs a small design studio that allows him to work with all sorts of clients. His clients are as passionate as he is about finding design-centric solutions that make their business work better than they did the day before. 


12:20 pm - Asking the right questions: How to lead a creative brief interview

Presented by Michael Young RGD

Michael is a Creative Director and Design Lead at The Ontario Cabinet Office. Starting a project off right takes passion, curiosity and a few good questions. Learn how to engage your client for success while setting clear goals and objectives. Michael shares his favourite creative brief questions and tips for how to ask them.