Beverage Packaging Projects from Arcane, Subplot, Studio Local, TOQUE Ltd, Weaymouth Creative, Zulu Alpha Kilo and by Jordan Bamforth RGD
Get inspiration from beverage packaging and identity design projects by our Members.  

Matthew Clarke RGD and the team at Subplot designed identity for Old Yale Brewing Co.
Before Subplot entered the picture, the brand did not have an identity that said anything about who they are and why they do what they do. And their sales were very poor for such a great product. They discovered an opportunity to really hone on OYB’s outdoor lifestyle and their place in Chilliwack, BC. Everything then designed to played off on this unique and relevant positioning: the signpost logo, the “outdoor badges” on each beer, the locally-inspired names.
Ryan Booth RGD and the team at Zulu Alpha Kilo designed unique labels for the BIG IN JAPAN IPA.
For the launch of SingleCut Beersmiths in Japan, they developed the BIG IN JAPAN IPA – the beer that brings music to your ears. Four unique labels hid visual clues within QR codes for songs for that were literally big in Japan. Scanning the codes led consumers to the actual tracks on Spotify.
Philip Mondor RGD and the Studio Local team updated Innocente Brewing Co.'s brand system and packaging.

The updates are reflective of the brand’s tongue-in-cheek positioning and messaging, priming the consumer for the ‘hop-topian’ experience to follow, while colour accents enable consumers to easily identify each type of beer.



Cai Sepulis RGD & TOQUE Ltd designed the branding for Fixed Gear Brewing Co.

Inspired by retro racing bike, the branding features a vintage bike headbadge-inspired main can illustration, vivid race-inspired colours and patterns, and a simple but eye-catching logo made up of their acronym and silhouette of a bike frame.



Jennifer Weaymouth RGD and the team at Weaymouth Creative worked with Lake of Bays Brewing Co. to launch their new, bold, craft beer flavours.

Lake of Bays Brewing Co., an all-natural craft brewery in Ontario, conceived a new core lineup of four craft beer selections and wanted a fresh look to reflect their bolder flavours and increase overall brand recognition. Full-wrap illustrations were inspired by the stunning beauty and rugged landscape of the Lake of Bays region. Consistency was optimized through the creation of a circular Lake of Bays badge, which became the focal point for a louder and prouder brand expression.



Robin Honey RGD and the team at Arcane created the brand, packaging, website and a social media campaign for Cowbell Brewing Co.

Cowbell Brewing Co. in Blyth, Ontario is the latest brewery to enter the competitive, ever-growing craft beer market. In addition to producing exceptional craft beer, Cowbell includes a restaurant and outdoor venue for the performing arts.



Jordan Bamforth RGD refreshed the packaging for Beau’s Brewing Co. Lug Tread. 

Beau’s Lug Tread Lagered Ale is a premium product made with certified organic ingredients and spring water. The custom box was redesigned to put the iconic tractor front and centre, using a die cut to create a dynamic tractor-shaped format that stands alone in the craft beer industry. A custom tractor-pattern lace holds the bottles secure and displays a hang tag with additional product information. 


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