DesignThinkers 2010 Branding by Juniper Park
Barry Quinn RGD reflects on Juniper Park's branding for the 2010 DesignThinkers Conference.
What did taking on the DesignThinkers conference branding mean to you and your team at the time?
It was honestly an honour to be approached to take the project on. My very first award I won was an RGD student award, so it was cool to work on the event identity.

Explain your concept and how you and/or your team got there?
The concept happened very quickly. We wanted to focus on the Thinking part of design, so we stripped everything back to the basics and made it even more raw by embracing the 'do-it-yourself' mentality of photocopying. We wanted the provocative nature of our statements to be the centre of the attention.


What was your biggest challenge being the Design Partner for DesignThinkers?

It really wasn’t that challenging. For the team involved it was a fun project.


How did it feel to present your work to a bunch of designers? And then see your work live during the event and witness people's reactions to it?
We are always presenting our work to other creative partners so this felt totally normal. Plus, it was a great group so there was zero drama.



What are you most proud of from your own experience? Is there anything you would have done differently?
I’m most proud of the fact that I still like what we did. In fact I probably like it more now. Of course I would likely have pushed it further and been even more proactive with the content. We would likely also have embraced a more digital aesthetic for today, but the core thoughts are still relevant and that’s fantastic.


What has been your favourite DesignThinkers branding, besides your own, and why?
Ohh, I’m going to have to take a look back to answer that one. Many to choose from.