Avoiding & Navigating Job Offer Scams

RGD Members have recently reported various scam e-mail job offers, which have mentioned the use of RGD's Designer Directory in their communications.


Specifically, Members have received the following e-mails:


From: ariellefortin321@gmail.com


Content: "Your profile on RGD has been reviewed by the HR Department at (ALIGHT SOLUTIONS) and we are pleased to invite you to an online interview/briefing exercise... If you are interested please contact Ms. Taylor (Hiring Manager) of Alight Solutions by sending an email to sarahtaylor0604@gmail.com"


From: wallacebyronthrivenetworks@gmail.com


Content: "After a quick review of your profile on the Association of Registered Graphic Designers, I write to present Thrive Networks Graphic Designer Job Position..."


We would like our Members to exercise caution when deciding whether to respond to these job offers that come out of the blue. Below we have gathered some resources that will help you differentiate between the legitimate and the scam offers, and how you can protect yourself against the scams.


Recognizing the red flags

A popular scam includes a scammer creating a fake e-mail address for real companies to solicit designers. The pitch is typically something like, “I saw your profile on the RGD Directory. We’re hiring designers for immediate hire”. Here are some easy-to-identify red flags:

  • The e-mail isn’t well-written
  • Your point of contact doesn’t have a company e-mail address; it’s just sarahtaylor0604@gmail.com
  • If you start Googling, you’ll notice the names of your points of contact are real people who work for the company, but in your e-mail, their names are a letter off. Sara Taylor is spelled Sarah Taylor
  • The company’s name is missing a letter (i.e., instead of ALIGHT SOLUTIONS, it’s ALIGHT SOLUTION)
  • If you look on the company's website or their listings on Indeed, they don’t actually employ designers
  • The job requirements are vague (i.e., Must be 18 years old; Must have access to the internet)
  • The e-mail contains spelling, capitalization, punctuation, or grammatical mistakes
  • You're asked to provide confidential information like a credit report or setting up a direct deposit


RGD suggestion: Remove your email address from RGDs Designer Directory

RGD's Designer Directory is a great source for identifying qualified, professionals for employment, freelance or project work; however if you are concerned about scammers, it may be safer to remove your email address from this public page and instead direct potential employers to your LinkedIn profile or your website.



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