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RGD's Slack Workspace is host to ongoing discussions and resource sharing between Certified, Provisional RGD & Affiliate Members. Take a look at some of the resources that have been shared in the #UX Channel.


Article: The 15 Rules Every UX Designer Should Know

The Adobe Blog published this article to highlight the most important rules every UX designer should follow to create an excellent experiences for people, from knowing your audience to the importance of making errors.



E-book: The Essential Elements of Successful UX Design

This FREE e-book highlights the 7 most important UX best practices for designing successful products through examples deconstructed from companies like Apple, Buffer, Treehouse and Slack. Topics include: Solving the right problem, designing for desire, designing for business value, universal design, and more.



Video: Building for Sustainability with WordPress

Is the internet tomorrow’s single-use plastic? We must be cognizant of the impact we have NOW, and how we can bring sustainability into our daily workflow. Jack Lenox does a great job at highlighting how designers and developers can do their part, presented at this year’s SustainableUX Conference. Start at 1:40 to dive into the good stuff 


Online Resource: Design Languages

A curated library for design languages, design systems and front-end frameworks. Hunting and researching on all the good design systems is a very time consuming process. This website is not only going to help you get rid of the pain of finding a design system but also to get an inspiration for the next design system you’re going to build!



Article: How to Build an Effective Design Framework 

"If you haven’t created a design framework before, starting one can feel overwhelming and seem time-consuming, but it will speed up your design work and make it more efficient overall. This article outlines the main issues a design framework solves, why you need one, and the components you will need to create when building one.
Bonus: You will find a free downloadable Sketch UI framework later in the article that allows you to create your own design framework.



Article: What do Mobile Devs Expect from UX/UI Designers?

This article exposes all the most common misunderstandings between the UX/UI Team and the Mobile Dev Team while creating end-to-end digital products.



Plugin: Data Populator

A plugin for Sketch and Adobe XD CC to populate your design mockups with meaningful data. Goodbye Lorem Ipsum. Hello JSON.



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