Top 5 Email Newsletters

Meg Lynch RGD, Design Director, Forge Media + Design, shares her favourite email newsletters.


Do you ever find it challenging to balance your daily work/life tasks as I do while still keeping up with what's going on in the design industry? I've curated a collection of design-related email newsletters to stay fresh! If you're seeking inspiration and insight, look no further than these five email newsletters.

Dense Discovery

Dense Discovery is a weekly newsletter containing a list of curated design, tech and culture links that improve productivity, foster creativity and help you stay motivated. This newsletter offers helpful apps and tools, inspirational design work, featured illustrators, fresh typography and engaging content. 
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Sidebar is a daily newsletter containing five quick links about design. Often gathering links on user experience, design trends, typography, development tools and tutorials, Sidebar is a great resource to give you a daily dose of what's new in the design and web world. 
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CreativeMornings, a global lecture series for creatives, sends out a newsletter highlighting recent talks and inspirational links. Offering subscribers the opportunity to check out discussions from around the world, CreativeMornings is a great way to connect with other creative communities. The links included in each issue often evoke inspiration and smiles.
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Case Study Club

Case Study Club highlights a few inspiring and thought-provoking UX case studies from the week. A fantastic opportunity to understand how others work through design projects, Case Study Club is an excellent resource for designers beginning their career and those who have been in the industry for some time. 
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The Slowdown

The Slowdown sends out an issue every Saturday morning, allowing you to shift gears from a busy workweek. Focusing on opportunities to inspire, inform and stimulate your senses, this email newsletter offers a variety of moments to allow you to reflect and press pause. Each issue highlights stories relating to what you can see, touch, taste, hear and smell. 
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Published February 2020