Top 5 Brands Focused on Circularity Design Principles

By Susan Yang RGD Creative Director, Boldsquare Creative Studio shares five brands that are current and upcoming sustainable projects in the works.


Brands are preparing and initiating change focused on sustainability – use of fewer resources, reuse of resources and contributing less waste. This creates an important challenge for designers that includes rethinking and enabling creative value that impacts positively in the transition. The move towards a more circular economy is a work-in-progress but these brands are committing to sustainability. Here are five brands that provide inspiration and insights to tackle this design challenge.



The North Face

The North Face Design Residency educates designers through hands on work for a more sustainable future for apparel. At The Renewal Workshop, the goal is learning how to design garments with an extended lifespan and opportunities for reuse when they have reached the end of their lifespan. The Design Residency encourages a shift in design perspective to integrate circularity into core design principles. 

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Nike has a Move to Zero initiative to protect the future of sport and eventually moving towards a zero-carbon and zero-waste circular design process. Designs will use recycled materials and techniques to help reduce waste. The Swoosh line is focused on efforts to reduce its footprint and you can see the commitment to circularity in its design principles.


Google has announced by 2022 all “Made by Google” products will include recycled materials. The focus is on incorporating sustainability in every design and supporting the transition to a circular economy. 

JUST Water

JUST Water’s packaging is a water bottle made of 82% renewable resources. It is easily refillable and 100% recyclable. They’ve created a new model valuing water that focuses on circularity.


Blueland has developed several cleaning products that help in the move towards a circular economy with a focus on eliminating single-use plastic bottles. Their innovative cleaning products are small tablets that can be dropped into a Forever Bottle with water at home. Spray bottles are reusable, non-leaching, lightweight acrylic and designed to last forever.