Lessons of Failure
Presenters: Sandy Kedey RGD and Kyle Schruder RGD

Two senior professionals share their experiences of a project or situation that didn’t go well, lessons learned and offer their best advice for your future success.


Failing to Succeed

'Try, try and try again'. You've heard it, but do you apply it? In practice and in your design process? Falling down is as much a part of life as it is for any designer.  Being both a communications/advertising practitioner and professor means a lot of successes (and failures), join Sandy as she shares hers.


Sandy Kedey RGDOCAD University

Sandy is a tenured Professor at OCAD University, previous Chair of the Advertising Program and a creative marketing executive with over 30 years of experience teaching and practicing communication, advertising and design. Sandy spent many years with top international ad agencies, creating award-winning integrated campaigns, before forming her own company, SLK Communications. She has amassed dozens of awards internationally and nationally. 


Lessons Learned From Making the Messy Leap from Contributor to Manager

Kyle shares what he's learned the hard way about making the jump to managing a team. He offers tips on building your leadership presence and how to motivate a team.


Presented by Kyle Schruder RGDCoactuate

Kyle leads the design practice at Coactuate, a strategic consultancy focused on supporting healthcare leaders to navigate complex change. He has over a decade of editorial design experience and has made the transition from agency work to leading design in-house at strategic consultancies. As a Member of RGD, Kyle acts as a mentor to junior designers, an awards judge and portfolio reviewer.



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