Express your interest in two New RGD Programs
Learn, connect and be inspired

RGD Members are invited to express their interest in and provide feedback on two new virtual programs to connect RGD Members.


"The primary objective of RGD's Events Committee is to bring designers together in support and celebration of our community and each other. Whether it’s through local initiatives or national events, we work towards building the experiences designers need to stay informed, engaged, inspired and connected," explains RGD Director and Chair of our Events Committee, Greg Dubeau RGD.


"Due to recent events, we have shifted our focus to strictly online events. We are committed to providing Members more opportunities to participate in virtual events that are inclusive to every designer in any community across Canada," he further explains. 


"The Design Social is a new RGD event that aims to bring designers together for an intimate and informal virtual chat about everything—from the state of the design world to tips and resources that help us to work remotely."


Virtual Design Socials

The first new Program RGD plans to offer is a series of intimate virtual gatherings of RGD Members. These will be opportunities for Members to share knowledge and connect. Limited to 10-12 professional Members and running for no more than 90 minutes, some of these may be organized to be completely casual while others will have specific discussion topics or themes. To express your interest in the new Virtual Design Social Program, identify preferences and/or volunteer to be a discussion leader, please fill out our online form here.


Virtual Communities

The second new Program will bring together groups of designers working in similar fields or with a similar interest. Currently this program has been initiated and Virtual Communities already exist for owners of creative agencies, solo design practitioners and designers working in municipal government. New Communities will be established based on levels of interest. To express your interest in the new Virtual Communities Program, identify preferences and/or volunteer to be a Community Leader, please fill out the online form here.


RGD Events Committee Member, Ruth Farrugia RGD, has been leading a test Virtual Community for designers who work for municipalities. She explains, "We often work in small or single-person departments, so this Virtual Community has provided us with an extended group of colleagues to help us feel more connected. We find we have many issues in common and have been able to get suggestions from each other. One of the Members calls it her support group. It’s nice to know you’re not alone when you’re facing a certain situation. It’s a type of hive mind (in the best possible way)."



If you have any questions about either of these new Programs or have other ideas for how RGD can assist you, please feel free to reach out to , our Executive Director, or any Member of the RGD Team.