Creative team photos from RGD's 6th Designathon
At RGD's sixth Designathon, students and grads spent 12 hours working on real-life design projects for non-profit organizations. To encourage a well-deserved break from their hard work, we asked that they share creative team photos for a chance to win FREE registration to DesignThinkers. Take a look at the submissions!


First place goes to...

Bringing it together. #haterswillsayitsphotoshopped

Non-profit: Socio-Economic and Env Dev Solutions (SEEDS)

Mentor: Tomomi Lo RGD

Participants: Vicky Gibson Prov RGD, Ethan Lewis Student RGD

And the runner-up...

Flexing our creative muscles to do the work of a much bigger team for @360kids_york 💪

Non-profit: 360 Degrees

Mentor: Michael J. Young RGD

Participants: Jack Henry Prov. RGD, Emily Varley Student RGD, Sarah Lacasse Student RGD



Thanks to all those who submitted! Take a look at the rest of these creative team photos below and at more event photos using #rgdDESIGNATHON on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.


Drowning in ideas. Team #OSEE Ontario Society for Environmental Education. 

Non-profit: Ontario Society for Environmental Education

Mentor: Saskia van Kampen RGD

Participants: Rachel Hwang Prov RGD, Elyssa Biringer Student RGD, Oscar Aldana Student RGD



#tfw your client tells you you’ve done your part to help end homelessness. 😿😊😭🤗

Non-profit: Fred Victor

Mentor: Nicola Hamilton RGD

Participants: Jacqueline Simpson Student RGD, Parth Agani Student RGD, Christie Wong Prov. RGD

Mama, just killed this project, feel like we are the champions? Don’t stop us now, we’re having such a good time... @rgdhub thank you and goodnight from the Wild West.

Non-profit: Dine to Donate

Mentor: Ross Chandler RGD

Participants: Joe Thoong Student RGD, Teigan Mudle Student RGD, Alyssa Crowder Student RGD

Game of sticky notes!!! Great day at #rgddesignathon

Non-profit: Rise Asset Development

Mentor: Norm Lourenco RGD

Participants: Olga Filimonova Prov RGD, Jeremy King Student RGD



RGD Designathon - The Team!(1.5H)

Non-profit: Lung Association of Ontario

Mentor: Vincent Galante RGD

Participants: Megan Drummond Student RGD, Karina Rosales Student RGD, Aaron Inociente Student RGD



My team jumping into this #rgdDESIGNATHON like...

Non-profit: Black Youth Commission

Mentor: David Nuff RGD

Participants: Jorge Sanchez Ortiz de Galisteo Prov. RGD, Vicky Tong Student RGD, Ashley Tomlinton Student RGD



Banfield hosted a group of four fab budding designers this past weekend for RGD’s designathon. The group had 12 hours to complete their designs and present their work for a great cause, Greater Ottawa Habitat for Humanity. It was a long day but a rewarding one… and a happy client in the end!

Non-profit: Greater Ottawa Habitat for Humanity

Mentor: Timothy Jones RGD

Participants: Sheri Thomson Student RGD, Erin Abramson Student RGD, Nicole Galatis Prov. RGD, Christopher Libecap Student RGD



Non-profit: Northern Initiative for Social Action

Mentor: Meggan Van Harten RGD

Participants: Alison Dawson Student RGD, Madison Lemieux Student RGD, Davide Dorigo Student RGD


Non-profit: Wordstock Sudbury Literary Festival

Mentor: Melissa Deschenes RGD

Participants: Alexandre Venne Student RGD, Melanie Gagne Student RGD, Emmanuel Medeiros Student RGD



RGD's next Designathon takes place on September 28, 2019! Stay tuned for details.