Members create outstanding projects for 12 non-profits during RGD's sixth Designathon

On Saturday, February 22 and 29, 38 emerging designers and 9 seasoned design professionals gathered in 5 cities across the country to participate in RGD's sixth Designathon.


A 12-hour event where design students and recent grads, led by a senior professional, work on real-life design projects for non-profit organizations, the Designathon is an opportunity for participants to connect, network and get real-world experience while using their expertise to contribute to a meaningful cause.


Participating cities and host studios included McKenzie College (Moncton), Digitalist (Vancouver), Design de Plume (Sudbury), Hambly & Woolley (Toronto) and Forge Media + Design (Toronto) for hosting.


Below are the projects created by the Designathon teams.


Assaulted Women’s Helpline (AWHL)

Team: Elyssa Biringer Student RGD; Rayhaneh Haghgoo Provisional RGD; Lucy Laughland Student RGD; Brandon Normoyle Provisional RGD

Mentor: Stüssy Tschudin RGD

Location: Forge Media + Design, Toronto

Brief: Identity design to target elderly men and women who have experienced or are experiencing abuse.




Team: Sidra Bokhari Student RGD; Vicky Gibson Provisional RGD; Agnieszka Kowalska Student RGD; Renata Nascimento Student RGD

Mentor: John Furneaux RGD

Location: Forge Media + Design, Toronto

Brief: Graphic / illustrative messaging for teen driver safety to be shared during National Teen Driver Safety Week.



Arab Community Center 

Team: Jack Henry Student RGD; Nicole Hart Provisional RGD; Cristiane Kaneko Provisional RGD

Mentor: Paul van Dongen RGD

Location: Forge Media + Design, Toronto

Brief: Digital presentation design for newcomers and educating visitors about their services and programs.



Friends of High Park Zoo

Team: Athul Alexander Student RGD; Benjamin Ginzberg Provisional RGD; Karilyn Xu Junior Affiliate Member

Mentor: Dominic Ayre RGD

Location: Hambly & Woolley, Toronto

Brief: Brochure for attracting tourist to visit.

Results: In progress


Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

Team: Patricia Beader Student RGD; Iman Ghader Provisional RGD; Hossai Girowal Provisional RGD

Mentor: Nicola Hamilton RGD

Location: Hambly & Woolley, Toronto

Brief: eCards as sustainable gift options that create impact; donating to a meaningful cause in honour of a loved one or a day of celebration.



Anishnawbe Health Foundation

Team: Michael Campbell Provisional RGD; Hailey Nguyen Student RGD

Mentor: Gilbert Li RGD

Location: Hambly & Woolley, Toronto

Brief: Identity Design to target Indigenous Two-Spirit and Trans Clients



Wordstock Sudbury Literary Festival

Team:  Davide Dorigo Student RGD; Madison Madison Lemieux Student RGD

Mentor: Mélissa Deschênes RGD

Location: Design de Plume, Sudbury

Brief: Festival 2020 promotional materials



Small Stage/Movement Enterprise Society

Team: Maria Alleanna Chanel Barrera Student RGD; Mark Calulo Student RGD; Evenlyn Chua Student RGD; Bhavya Grover Student RGD; Andie Kim Student RGD 

Mentor: Yasemin Cenberoglu

Location: Digitalist, Vancouver

Brief: Digital presentation design for the sponsors of winter series



Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa

Team: Ekaterina Castellanos Student RGD; Alina Demidova Student RGD; Yuko Fujioka Student RGD; Kylie Woo Student RGD 

Mentor: Claudio Afonso

Location: Digitalist, Vancouver

Brief: Identity design to target employees of major companies and businesses in Ottawa particularly in the construction, legal, financial and tech sectors



New Brunswick Youth Orchestra, Inc.

Team: Julia Carew Student RGD, Nakua Dralle Student RGD, Cassi Mallaley Student RGD
Mentor: Michael Roy

Location: McKenzie College, Moncton

Brief: Logo, splash screens and main character to target new audiences



United Way GenNext

Team: Glen MacLean Student RGD; Emilie Theriault Student RGD
Mentor: Brian Branch

Location: McKenzie College, Moncton

Brief: Identity design to target the young working professionals within the Greater Moncton Area



Team Codiac Soccer

Team: Angela Campbell Student RGD; Peter Kong Angela Campbell Student RGD; Nicole Gauvin Angela Campbell Student RGD

Mentor: Rich Gould

Location: McKenzie College, Moncton
Brief: Identity design to promote development programs for players and coaches of all ages from 4 years old to senior


Well done, designers!


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