A Virtual Day in the Life of an RGD: Jean Leclair
Jean Leclair at his home office with his dog Gaïa

In a new spin on our "Day in the Life" series, we're asking RGD Members to take us through their days as they work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. First up: Jean Leclair RGD, Manager of Creative Services at Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

The Basics
Name: Jean Leclair RGD
Company: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)
Job Title: Manager, Creative Services


What are you currently working on from home?
Fun projects but challenging communication means! My team and I are working with an external firm on 7 video productions. The challenge with this project is that everyone is working from home with their kids so, we all have to be flexible with timelines! We are also working on a branding for an event that is supposed to happen in October if the situation changes. I am conducting cyber interviews… watch out for bad hair day! LOL

Have you found any helpful tactics or strategies for staying focused and productive?
I get ready for work as usual but wear comfortable clothing! I get my Goofy coffee mug and sit at my home work station in the dining area. What I love about all this, is that I am not being disturbed all the time… I am very productive. I actually have time to take breaks right now!!!

How do you combat feelings of isolation or disconnect from your team?
We are all connected using Skype. We all meet a couple of times a week and laugh about silly teleworking situations. Last week, we played a game; we sent each other emails inspired by our dogs/cats but starting the email with “My colleague is…”. Mine was “My colleague is desperately begging me to scratch her belly!”. Gaïa is in the photo with me.

If applicable, how are you approaching working from home while your partner/family/roommates etc. are also home?
This is the fun part! Kids are not living with us anymore. We work side by side and enjoy each other’s company. We don’t work in the same field at all and I sometimes sound like a crazy person on Skype! Chatting about communication messages, image selections, colours and fonts is more exciting than answering complaints about telecommunication issues!


Jean working from home doing video production



Have you discovered any advantages or disadvantages to working from home? If so, what are they?
No distractions and more productive but I miss laughing with colleagues from other teams. Some of them are so funny! We sometimes Skype for a small question just to stay connected… makes us smile!

Do you have a favourite playlist or podcast that you’ve been listening to while working from home?
Spotify is my best friend right now. At lunch time, I watch a quick episode of a TV series on… you know what!

Though seemingly contradictory, social distancing and community are intertwined. Do you have any thoughts or insights you’d like to share with other designers during this time? We’re all in this together.
Stay connected, share your frustrations and even laugh about them! Be happy that you are healthy and be there for people who need you.