New Projects from Context Creative, Design De Plume, Entro, Freewheel Design, Monolab, Reich&Petch

Check out recent projects by RGD Members.



Lionel Gadoury RGD and the team at Context Creative created a video for Enbridge Gas. 

Regulated utilities like natural gas are mandated to provide detailed bills to customers, but they're not always easy to read or understand. Using custom illustration and a friendly voice over, we created this short explainer video to help new Enbridge Gas customers know exactly what the charges mean.



Meggan Van Harten RGD and the team at Design De Plume recently worked on a combined brand for REACH and CEDAR for Western University.
The logos show a path as a reflection of the organizations’ missions to demonstrate significant potential to improve chronic disease care in Canada’s Indigenous communities.
Michael Zikovitz RGD of Freewheel Design was asked to design Impact Report 2019 for SeedChange which showcased their new identity and visual system to donors and stakeholders. 
SeedChange is a Canadian-based charity with a 75-year history that recently underwent a complete rebranding, changing its name from USC Canada to SeedChange. It uses a bright palette, colour overlays and bold typography to highlight the important work they do in a friendly and accessible way.
Monica Martinez RGD and the team at Monolab developed name and brand identity for Muse, a Vancouver-based cannabis retailer.
The name and brand identity capture the notion of inspired living. The unique look and feel help them differentiate from the multiple competitors that entered the market at the same time, after cannabis was legalized.
Emilio Genovese RGD and the team at Reich&Petch designed a gallery to explore the impact of the moon on Islamic art and culture and to mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.
This immersive and interactive gallery features a broad range of artifacts, including historical and contemporary pieces, and explores our enduring fascination with the moon and the role it plays in faith, science and the arts across the Muslim world and beyond. The experience culminated with a breathtaking suspended sphere representing a 1:500,000 scaled version of Earth’s moon by contemporary British artist Luke Jerram, an art installation that has travelled to international acclaim.
The team at Entro designed the visual identity and environmental graphics program for Campus1 MTL, capturing youthful energy in the form of abstract motifs, energetic colours, shapes and patterns throughout the building.
Campus1 MTL student residence, developed by Knightstone Capital, is an amenity-filled residence that encourages social engagement at every opportunity.