Spring 2020 Mentors
Thank you to James Mathieu Chambers, Pansy Cheung, Ricardo Iglesias, Laura John, Alan Joson, Kerri MacLeod, Amelia Nash, Jen Needle, Dustin O'Donnell, Lin Oosterhoff, Angelo Roldan, Alex Tapia, Patrick Vannan, and Amanda Wood!


If you have any questions about the program or you would like to be a mentor, email .




"As your mentor, I will share my experiences from my varied career and help you to push your work further, be it illustration, motion graphics or print design. I will share insights about working in both studio and freelance environments, how to communicate with clients, and prepare projects and documentation for AODA."

James Mathieu Chambers Provisional RGD, Multimedia Content Creator at Smith School of Business, Queen's University

Mat has been a working creative for over a decade with experience as a freelance illustrator and designer, mobile game developer and in-house designer. His work includes branding, illustration, web design and print design for a variety of clients including SOCAN Foundation, the City of Greater Sudbury, Laurentian University, the Invasive Species Centre and the University of Alberta. He spent his last three years in Sudbury working for Design de Plume.


"As your mentor, I'm excited to listen to your experiences and thoughts as a designer, and share openly and candidly about mine. I can speak to presentation, information and communication design, and how the ability to craft compelling narratives and work collaboratively with non-designers are fantastic assets for any job in any industry."

Pansy Cheung Provisional RGD, Strategic Designer at Klick Health

At Klick Health in Toronto, Pansy works alongside the Strategy team to provide design expertise, solution design and discovery, as well as storytelling applications to client facing and internal projects. She is passionate about advocating for how designers can contribute their skills on a strategic level in non-design industries.


"As your mentor, I can provide my experience and insights working in the advertising and digital design industry and how you can transition to either field. Let’s talk."

Ricardo Iglesias Provisional RGD, Creative Designer at CIBC

Ricardo is a Salvadorian-Canadian designer based in Toronto. He is an alumnus of OCADU and Humber College. His love for film, architecture and everything Star Wars has influenced him to build, create and innovate. He has over 7 years of experience working in design and advertising.


"As your Mentor, I will share my experiences of working with an in-house design team along with my knowledge of balancing creativity in the corporate world."

Laura John Provisional RGD, Product Marketing Manager at Liteline Corporation

With over 6 years of graphic design experience, Laura leads a team of 3, where she manages all product launching including training, displays, literature, communications, and digital marketing. She also takes the lead on industry tradeshows across North America, annual sales conferences, and all events in between. On the side of this, Laura has also launched her own clothing line of hand silk-screened t-shirts called Crown and Hearts.


"As your mentor, I can provide insights into the world of in-house design in the non-profit and education sectors. I can help you tailor your portfolio and skill sets to help you put your best foot forward."

Alan Joson Provisional RGD, Graphic Designer at the Michener Institute of Education at UHN

While completing his portfolio for entry at OCAD, Alan discovered his passion and enthusiasm for graphic design and photography. He joined the corporate world for several years while simultaneously engaging in creative pursuits, including managing his own photography business. In 2010, Alan completed his studies at Humber College. Having refined his design skills working at George Brown College and then the Ontario College of Trades, Alan now balances his role as an in-house graphic designer with an active career as a freelance designer.

"As your mentor, I will impart my knowledge and love for meaningful design. I can help you improve your strategic and evidence-based design thinking; building your confidence, skills and clout with your clients."

Kerri MacLeod Provisional RGD, Senior Multimedia Designer at RC Design Inc

Kerri is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and information architect, with additional skills in front-end programming. She is a strong conceptual thinker and strategically-focused designer with proven leadership abilities. Kerri has been assisting companies with their branding and marketing needs for over 10 years. In 2013, Kerri was honoured by the Award of Excellence in the category of Typography from Communication Arts. Kerri has taught at Ladies Learning Code and run workshops for high school students.


“Curious about how to handle a full-time gig and run a successful side hustle? As your mentor, I will give you insight on how to manage your design career in the corporate in-house industry alongside your own freelance business. More importantly, I’ll help guide you in establishing your side hustle and provide tips on running your business, communicating effectively to clients and executing your creative vision as a Solopreneur.”

Amelia Nash Provisional RGD, Visual Communications Designer at amelia nash design and Graphic Designer at Alberta Blue Cross

With over 8 years of graphic design and marketing experience, Amelia currently works in an in-house marketing team as well as running her freelance design business. Amelia’s passion lies in visual communication as a means to design, develop and build a strong brand. Her strengths are in design systems and brand strategy, marketing and visual communications and she is so excited to help you on your creative path!


“As your mentor, I will talk to the realities of working in a studio environment and what it’s like to work on content for established international brands. I can offer advice on making yourself stand out in a crowd (even if you’re an introvert) and discuss how to stay creatively invigorated through the daily grind.”

Jen Needle Provisional RGD, Graphic Designer at CDM

Jen is a graphic designer in London where she works on various print, digital and motion projects for well-known brands such as Tim Hortons and Cineplex. Outside of her day job, she makes time for a few personal and freelance projects while aiming to maintain that magical work/life balance.

"As your Mentor, I will share my insights on how to stay ahead in the industry and continuously adapt in a fast-paced creative agency. I will share my knowledge on process improvement, being proactive with your clients, how to be a resourceful designer and your own teacher."

Dustin O'Donnell Prov RGD, Art Director at Tyger Shark

Dustin is the Art Director at Tyger Shark in Barrie where he leads a creative team of 5 designers, spearheading the creative production for highest caliber clients, primarily in e-commerce and digital executions. Dustin also keeps the team current in new technologies including in 360º video production, animation, AR, VR and more.


"As your mentor, I look forward to sharing my experience, passion for design and knowledge of both print and digital design. I can offer insight into the agency and freelance creative process, concept creation and practical skills."

Lin Oosterhoff Provisional RGD, Designer at Critical Mass

Lin is a print and digital designer from The Netherlands, loving an outdoors-inspired life in a small town in the Canadian Rockies. With about a decade of experience in branding and print design, she currently works at Critical Mass - an international digital experience agency headquartered in Calgary, where she works on UX/UI-related projects and digital campaigns. She is passionate about minimalist [brand] design and well-executed digital solutions.


"As your Mentor, I will offer insights on transitioning from designer to art director, tips on how to break into the advertising industry and knowledge on how to stay hungry and keep pushing your work to get where you want to be."

Angelo Roldan Provisional RGD, Art Director at Leo Burnett

Vancouver-bred, Toronto-based Angelo's work has been recognized by Young Glory, Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Digifest and more. When he's not at work designing things, tinkering with odds and thinking up wild ideas, he can be found exploring the concrete jungle with his camera in hand.


"As your mentor, I will both share my insights and experience as an independent freelancer and working in studio settings. I can help you identify your goals and be your guide as you work towards fulfilling them."

Alex Tapia Provisional RGD, Art Director at Alex Tapia Design

Alex is an interdisciplinary designer based in Halifax where he focuses on graphic design, art direction and photography. His clients include independent artists, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and museums.


“As your mentor I will provide you with the tools to evaluate your ideal work setting (in-house vs agency) as well as helping you elevate your design and data visualization. My first mission during this process is to help you get where you want to be!”
Patrick Vannan Provisional RGD, Designer at KPMG Canada

With experience in both agency and in-house design settings, Patrick has worked on projects focusing on Canada’s financial sector. Currently, Patrick works as an in-house designer for KPMG Canada helping the firm market their services and elevating responses to request for proposals from major corporations around Canada and the world. He’s excited about ways design can help clients elevate their standing in the market and stand apart from their competition.


"As your mentor, I will help you develop your design thinking process, and share my experiences as an in-house creative, building knowledge and understanding of working in a corporate setting, and how one can move through different job titles and responsibilities."

Amanda Wood Provisional RGD, Creative Director at AudienceView

Amanda has over 10 years of experience as a branding and creative strategist and corporate brand leader, specializing in applying design thinking to marketing projects and customer and prospect journeys within an in-house setting. She has an extensive background in brand management, marketing, creative direction, leading direct and cross-functional teams and project management.