Student RGDs are invited to apply for a virtual mentor
Apply for the RGD Mentorship Program to be paired up with a Mentor who can help you prepare to enter the professional design industry.

Fill out an application by November 21, 2022. On the form, you will be asked to select your top 3 choices from a list of mentors. This program is only open to Student RGDs.


The Structure of the Program
You will have 3-4 sessions with your Mentor, 1 hour each between December 2022 and April 2023. Sessions will be virtual.


Any Student RGD not paired with one of our Mentors will be given the opportunity to participate in the Program with a different Mentor in the industry with a similar background.


Designing your Sessions
Once the pairing has been finalized, you and your Mentor are ready to start the program! The RGD will provide you with a list of discussion topics for each session, however, it is completely up to you and your Mentor what you'll want to cover in each session.


If you have any questions about the program, email .



Miranda Allum Provisional
Senior Art Director at 500 Degrees
Toronto, ON
Miranda studied Graphic Design at George Brown College after completing a BA in Media Studies at the UWO. In her 5+ years at Watt International and 500 Degrees, she has working on iconic brands such as McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Nike and TD. She is passionate about many areas of design including branding, retail design, packaging and art direction.
"If you are like me and have interest in a variety of areas of design, as your mentor, I can share my experiences for how I selected a direction for the start of my design career. I take pride in my ability to craft a solid portfolio and am confident I would be able to provide meaningful feedback to help you impress prospective employers."
Lyssa Gagne Provisional RGD
Graphic Designer, Brand and Content at Maple
Waterloo, ON
I’m a multidisciplinary designer with a vast arsenal of skills ranging from graphic design to illustration, motion, strategy, and planning. I currently work as an in-house graphic designer at Maple, a virtual healthcare company based in Toronto. My colleagues at work often refer to me as a “graphic design Swiss army knife.”

"My experience trying to find a placement during the early stages of the pandemic to working in a marketing department in a successful tech company. As your mentor, I can offer insight, guidance, and encouragement regarding your career path and portfolio."
"When it comes to specific communities I do identify as queer and would love to work with anyone."

Grant Irving Provisional RGD
Designer at lg2
Toronto, ON
A graduate of Humber College, Grant has worked at a small design studios, an in-house organization and a creative agency. He is interested in branding and identity design and believes honest collaboration with both clients and colleagues is crucial to developing thoughtful solutions.
“As your mentor, I will help you define the path that is right for your career goals, refine and strengthen your portfolio and provide insight into the transition from student to working professional.”
Celina Johnson Provisional RGD
Graphic Designer at Aga Khan Museum
Toronto, ON
Celina is a curator turned graphic designer. She began her career as a historian and moved to New York to pursue museum work. While in NYC she received her Masters in Museum Studies. After several years working in arts institutions, her involvement in exhibitions triggered an interest in visual storytelling. This led her back to school where she completed a degree in Graphic Design at Toronto Film School. Celina now works full-time as a Graphic Designer at the Aga Khan Museum, where she continues to work on exhibition related projects, in addition to marketing and branding for the museum. 
I have 4 years of industry experience and understand the challenges of searching for employment in the world of LinkedIn and social media. I have particular expertise in environmental design and large-format graphics, in addition to marketing, branding and digital media. 
Leah Lucyshyn Provisional RGD
Freelance Designer
Swift Current, SK
Leah is a multidisciplinary designer who has expertise in advertising, packaging and editorial. With a Graphic Communications diploma from Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Leah works in print and digital spaces to create meaningful, thoughtful designs. She recently competing in the 2022 WorldSkills Special Edition Graphic Design Technology competition in Switzerland. 
"As your mentor, I will help you learn real-life skills that will set you up for success when you finish your post-secondary education. I am here to support your design journey in any way you need, whether that's identifying your passions, going over your portfolio or implementing strategies to deal with the anxieties of being a student."
Pam Menegakis Provisional RGD
Graphic Designer & Studio Manager at Design is Yummy
Montreal, QC
Pam currently works at Design Is Yummy, a print and web graphic design agency based in Montreal. She has grown from a junior designer to a studio manager role managing a small team of creatives. She’s passionate about working with others, creating and learning new things.
"As your mentor, I will work with you to help you achieve your goals. I will provide guidance on how to stay motivated and inspired during your transition from student to professional - a journey that comes with a lot of emotions (I’ve been there!). We will curate your portfolio with your skillset and passions in mind to reflect the designer you aspire to be."
Lin Oosterhoff Provisional RGD
Associate Creative Director at Critical Mass
Calgary, AB
Lin is a lover of mountains, matcha lattes, and minimalist branding solutions. Born and raised in The Netherlands, she is now living an outdoors-inspired life in the Canadian Rockies. She currently works at an international digital experience design agency -- and has over a decade of experience as a freelance brand designer. As an ULTRABOLD finalist, she cares deeply for her community and uses design to make a difference. 
"As your Mentor, I look forward to sharing my experience and passion for brand and digital design. I can offer insight into the agency and freelance creative process, concept creation and practical skills."
Mustaali Raj Provisional RGD
Designer + Art Director + Visual Artist
Vancouver, BC
Mustaali is an award-winning art director, designer and visual artist with a multi-disciplinary practice. Along with celebrating and advocating for diversity in the creative sector, Mustaali’s creative approach centres around community building, elevating concept and designing for social good. 
As your mentor, I look forward to sharing my experiences as a designer working across multiple platforms. I can offer guidance on bringing personal projects to life, discussing career ambitions along with insights into both agency and freelance work/life.
Community preference: BIPOC (if possible) 



Jaehee Rho Provisional RGD
Visual Designer, Ontario Chamber of Commerce
Toronto, ON

With graphic/digital design experience in both Korea and Toronto, Jaehee  has experience in industries such as non-profits, marketing agencies, freelance for individual clients and she worked as an IC, and design manager. She graduated from Humber College’s Multimedia Design & Development program focused on brand strategy, motion, UI/UX design and has a bachelor’s in Visual Communication Design in Dankook Uni, South Korea. 

"As your mentor, I will help you to build your design career path at an early stage. We will find your strengths together, focus on developing your unique skills, then plan for how to present this to the world. I understand the struggles as a student and recent graduate. I will share my journey to becoming a full-time in-house designer and provide you practical advice on how to build your career."

Jennica Robinson Provisional RGD
Senior Graphic Designer at Design de Plume
Sudbury, ON
Jennica works at a women-led, Indigenously-owned design firm focused on inclusive, approachable, and accessible design solutions. At Design de Plume we hand-craft visuals that resonate with people across the glorious human spectrum of abilities, cultures, genders, and learning styles. Through her work, Jennica is creating a voice for those who aren’t being heard, she’s creating awareness for those that are not looking in the right direction or listening to the right representation. 
"As your mentor, I will share my knowledge, working with groups who advocate for gender and 2SLGBTQIA+ diversity, Indigenous cultures and people with a range of physical and mental needs, and provide insight on how to sharpen your design lens. I can help in the fields of branding, digital design and print. I can also provide insight from working as an in-house designer to working within a design firm. My goal is to help you hone your skills and amplify your voice as an up-in-coming designer."
Aidan Searle Provisional RGD
Co-Founder of hood+searle
Halifax, NS
Aidan is a graphic/web designer, illustrator and entrepreneur. He recently started a “micro design agency” called ASADC. (A. Searle Art & Design Co.) that specializes in illustration, brand design systems, packaging design and digital design. He feels strongly about making art and design accessible to people from all walks of life and using an iterative design approach, always striving to execute the most empathic design work for users/viewers as possible.
"Was your mentor, I can offer advice on the business side of design, as well with strategies to help you push through creative block." 
Ella Taylor Provisional RGD
Freelance Designer
Vancouver, BC
Ella is a graphic designer in 'Vancouver', and recent graduate of The Wilson School of Design. She’s a young designer with an affinity for storytelling through illustration, design thinking, and giving a reinforced voice to community programs through branding. Ella’s currently working as a freelancer, designing for Mountain Equipment Company among others. She loves white space almost as much as she love being outside.
As your mentor, I am here to listen, share my experience and make myself available for whatever support I can provide. As an emerging designer, I am able to share the fresh struggles of design education, the complexities around graduating and what it’s been like for me entering the industry. We can nerd out about design, or debate on which Harry Potter is the best one…. Whatever you need at the time. 
Natalia Ultremari Provisional RGD
Environmental Graphic Designer at MJMA
Toronto, ON
Natalia joined MJMA in 2019, with a Bachelor of Design in Interdisciplinary Design from the NSCAD U and an Honours Associate Degree in Graphic Design from the City College of San Francisco. This follows her years of experience in brand development across the arts, culture and community sectors. She now devotes her unique blend of visualization skills and innovative ideas to signage, wayfinding and feature-wall installations.
"As your Mentor, I will provide insight into the world of environmental graphics and what it means to work in an interdisciplinary team. I will also share my experience and insight as a former international student transitioning into the workforce in Canada."
Brian Wu Provisional RGD
Senior Graphic Designer at Alida
Brian is an enthusiastic and innovative Creative Lead with 9+ years experience in graphic design, creative strategy,
project management and art direction. He is passionate about branding, digital and printing design and fluent in a variety of web technologies, including HTML, CSS, WordPress, Joomla and HubSpot. One of his proudest achievements is starting his own matcha business in 2017. 
"As your mentor, I can provide suggestions for communicating and delivering your work and ideas effectively and compellingly to clients and employers. Let's work together on your portfolio and make your talents and skills shine."
Hilary Zak Provisional RGD
Graphic Designer at DDB Canada
Edmonton, AB
With a Bachelors in Design and over six years of experience in the advertising and design industry, Hilary is passionate about using graphic design to communicate seemingly complicated information in an engaging and intuitive way. Her experience spans branding, packaging, campaigns and web, with a focus on creating imaginative design solutions in a efficient and strategic manner. 
"As my mentee, you will gain valuable knowledge about the agency world and skills to push your designs further. With focused experience in the digital realm, I hope to provide personalized insights based on your discovered aspirations that will push your career to the next level."