Beau’s Brewing Co. Beau’s Core Lineup Packaging — Summer 2019
This packaging transitioned Beau’s core lineup from bottles to cans as the primary consumer format in response to demand and introduced more unified branding to stand out in a crowded retail market. 



Creative Director: Jordan Bamforth RGD

Art Director: Mike Haddad

Graphic Designers: Edward Zucca, Denis Routhier

Photographer: Marc Doucette


Design Solution:

To transition from paper bottle labels to the very different template of a 473 mL metallic can, the design team had to prioritize the branding while still setting aside plenty of real-estate for the creative illustration that Beau’s is known for. The design employs brand blocking on cardboard trays and uses bright colours with bold graphics to unify the products on the shelf. A successful summer marketing campaign titled ‘Come Together’ launched the core lineup and also helped successfully launch three new brands by attaching them in concept to the existing lineup. Retail sales have seen a lift that can be partly attributed to the updated design.