Bell Media Agency Crave Identity
The new identity presents Crave as a ubiquitous, Canadian brand that can compete with major international streaming services, switching the perception from a value-based service to a premium industry leader. 



SVP Agency, Brand, Creative & Marketing: Jon Arklay

Director, Design & Brand: Geoff Lee

Director, Marketing: Matthew Cowling

Creative Director, Product Design & Brand: Ronald Ruiz

Creative Director, Design & Motion: Mike Stanley

Branding: Ronald Ruiz, Nensi Gjoca Logo Ronald Ruiz, Mateen Dar

UI Designers: Mateen Dar, Aaron Thadathil, Ritesh Sethia

UX Designer: Ioana Contu

Designers: Nensi Gjoca, Niko Papadimitriou, Patience Lair, Ling Liu

Motion Designers: Nicco Miranda, Ameesha Earnshaw, Maryam Mahdawiyan, Travis Laidlaw, Jason Allies 


Design Solution:

An intuitive digital experience was created by restructuring Crave’s information architecture and upgrading the user interface. The brand refresh is a reflection of the elevated, premium, personalized experience of the product with a design system born from lines, minimalist typography and a monochromatic blue colour scheme that is modular and interchangeable. Cross-functional teams accomplished milestones to achieve this large-scale project leading up to the release of the new app, the introduction of the rebrand and the switch to the new channel redesign.


Judge’s Pick:

"Absolutely stunning. This is a huge step up from Crave’s previous branding and really serves to elevate the brand. The palette and gradients are unique. It meets the challenges and more. Bravo!"

– Amanda Parker