Canadian Credit Union Association 'Different By Design' Conference Branding
An inspiring conference brand for the Canadian Credit Union Association’s annual event, offering workshops, presentations and networking opportunities. 



Art Director: Janine Pierre
Manager, Conferences & Events: Suzanne Burnie
Graphic Designers: Kelly Nguyen, Jessica Yao
Project Coordinator: Samantha Smyth
Event & Division Coordinator: Meaghan Wiemer


Design Solution:

The theme ‘Different By Design’ celebrates the proud history of credit unions in Canada and the difference they make to their members and in their communities. Under this theme, the team created a simple visual identity using the X as a key visual element in playful colours and at various scales and patterns. The team also used large-scale signage and floor decals to help attendees easily navigate through multiple floors. Strategic planning, collaboration and careful budgeting made it possible to execute the largest event in CCUA’s history and position CCUA as a market leader within the Canadian credit union industry.