Canadian Museum of History 'Death in the Ice: The Mystery of the Franklin Expedition'

A comprehensive account of The Franklin Expedition, which is considered one of the greatest mysteries of the modern era. 



Head of Scenography & Media Productions: Eric Pellerin

Scenographer: Kerry McMaster

Graphic Designer: Stéphane Breton

Media Producer: Dave Deevey

Creative Development Specialist: Claire Champ

Curator: Karen Ryan

Exhibition Project Manager: Danielle Goyer

Photographer: Janet Kimber


Design Solution:

The Canadian Museum of History (CMH) developed partnerships with key stakeholders and secured loans of significant artefacts. To structure the narrative and hold visitor attention, the ‘chapters’ of the story were presented in different settings, moving the visitor from the vast Arctic to Victorian London to forensic labs to underwater shipwrecks. Large images provide immediate cues to the time period using oil paintings, daguerreotypes and illustrations for pre-twentieth century settings and colour photographs for contemporary scenes. Over 115,000 visitors saw the exhibition at the CMH, exceeding forecasted attendance by over 20 per cent.