Canadian Museum of History Neanderthal Exhibition
This exhibit corrects misconceptions about Neanderthals, explains the history of misinterpretations following the discovery of “fossil men” and invites visitors to consider another understanding of humanity. 



Head of Scenography & Media Productions: Eric Pellerin

Scenographer: Valérie Wagner

Graphic Designer: Stéphane Breton

Media Producer: Dave Deevey

Creative Development Specialist: Jean-François Léger

Curator: Janet Young

Exhibition Project Manager: Sophie Doucet

Photographer: Janet Kimber


Design Solution:

To clarify the relationship between myths and facts, the design team used two distinct scenographic strategies to depict the information: the first employs a refined look and feel with one accent colour and the other uses a more playful approach involving geometric graphics and a multitude of colour accents. Antechambers create key moments that allow visitors to connect with the content, punctuating the path and reducing ‘museum fatigue.’