Capital One Canada 'Gift the Code' Hackathon Branding
These assets and materials support an event to help charities fulfill their tech needs by working with teams of coders, developers and designers. 



Executive Creative Director: Michael MacVicar

Creative Director: Stephanie Forest

Art Director: Christine Waite RGD

Graphic Designer: Rekha Patel

Copywriter: Lauren Bride

Editor: Andrea Grzybowski

Video Designer: Maggie Wong

Intent Owner: Jessica McGraw


Design Solution:

The team created inviting decor and warm branding to make sure participants had an enjoyable and comfortable place to work during the event. To brand the space, the team created assets and floor plans to execute creative placements, such as individual areas for speakers and breakout sessions. The third year of the event saw more participants than ever before and provided tech solutions for six charities, who made connections that they can continue to leverage going forward. 

Judge’s Pick:

"This project is an elegant and sophisticated use of the brand’s core elements of space, typography and colour. It cleverly integrates these elements so the branding, environmental signage and swag give the conference attendees a visually engaging experience from start to finish. The project demonstrates originality and creativity through a simple yet clever solution and creative use of resources. Well done."

– Patrick White RGD