Capital One Digital for Good™ Summit Branding

An event designed to help Canadian charities and non-profit organizations embrace and implement technology, supporting a robust agenda of engaging speakers and breakout sessions for an overall experience usually found at expensive tech conferences.



Executive Creative Director: Michael MacVicar
Creative Director: Stephanie Forest
Art Director: Christine Waite RGD
Graphic Designer: Rekha Patel
Copywriter: Lauren Bride
Editor: Andrea Grzybowski
Video Designer: Warren Nowosad
Intent Owner: Jessica McGraw 


Design Solution:

With most of the budget devoted to finding inspiring speakers, assets to decorate the large venue had to be created with limited resources. Careful planning and creative placement of furniture and signage helped effectively brand the space and make efficient use of individual areas for speakers and breakout sessions to provide guests with a great experience. The overall effect helped Capital One reinforce its position as an innovative fintech organization committed to helping charities feel understood and better equipped to take on digital challenges.