Corus Upfront Visual Identity

This identity package for the Corus Upfront media event “All Fired Up!” complements the existing Corus brand while looking fresh and unique. 



Designed by Corus Entertainment Inc. Creative Agency


To capture the idea of “fresh”, the design was inspired by the historical graffiti around the venue. The fat felt marker-inspired handwriting tags, typography, fire iconography, dots, lines and textures were used throughout all the materials. This combination of graphic elements with a focused brand colour palette created a raw and fun backdrop for the corporate event. Working with a limited budget and a large venue, the team focused on isolating sections of the space and creating animation for the video wall.


Judge’s Pick:

"The ‘All Fired Up!’ sub-brand development is a successful extension of the parent brand, Corus. The colour, type and illustration style choices relate to the Corus brand, bringing a freshness and energy that is somewhat unexpected while at the same time feeling completely natural. It’s a smart choice given this is a brand for an event, with many high-impact opportunities to activate through environmental graphics in the space. The illustration collection works as a perfect backdrop considering that parts of the design might be obstructed by people standing in front. It’s not necessary to see the full composition to appreciate the graphic system. At the same time, there isn’t the monotony of a repeating wallpaper pattern that typically goes unnoticed. Also, the burning chart spot illustrations are pretty awesome."

– Jessica Vitale RGD