Deloitte Canada 175 Campaign

Creation of a a unique, memorable, multichannel campaign examining the future of Canadian business and thought leadership while remaining consistent within the Deloitte brand.


“The infinite organization: Realizing lasting success”



Art Director: Donna Graffi-Smith RGD
Graphic Designers: Josh Manduck, Sri Charan Sappa, Yuka Seiriki, Laura Tuttle
Senior Producer: Maurizio Chen Producer Cameron Peters
Illustrators: Kevin Howdeshell, Kristen Howdeshell, The Brave Union 


Design Solution:

The design team commissioned custom illustration to hold the concept together across all platforms. The infinity symbol around the city represents companies with enduring success and continued evolution. Working with the internal client to interpret source material, the team was able to capture the life cycle of a business with intuitive, easy to understand graphics. The campaign was released with external, digital and internal captivations including: report, brochure, website, video, environmental graphics, UpExpress Union Station captivation, app, social media ads and internal communications.