District School Board of Niagara ‘ Pride & Joy: Supporting LGBTQ+ Student Success 2019’
This resource for all school members who work with students at the District School Board of Niagara develops awareness and creates a climate that is inclusive of LGBTQ+ students. 



Designer: Vanessa Parson-Robbs RGD


Design Solution:

The design of the document celebrates the message of inclusion without relying on stereotypes or overusing the rainbow flag iconography. Combining educational topics and corporate branding, the document speaks to the subject matter and can still be read as part of the school district. Many aspects of the document will be turned into standalone teaching tools, and the document has been presented to the Ministry of Education to be showcased as a best practice for school boards in Ontario. 


Judge’s Pick:

"This was my top pick due to the importance of the message and its impact on societal and cultural change. Educating people on the concepts and language of LGBTQ+ is new territory and this piece makes a sincere effort to be friendly, informative, respectful and relevant for the intended audience."

– Vishu Mahajan