Ferris Wheel Press Original Fountain Pen Ink Collection Packaging

This project aimed to launch a new line of fountain pen inks that would support the retail stationery company’s mission of inspiring creativity and encouraging the appreciation of objects as cherished keepsakes, counteracting today’s ‘disposable culture.’ 



President & CEO: Raymond Yu
Art Director & Principal: Deborah Lau-Yu
Art Director & Brand Manager: Jimmy Yu
Graphic Designers: Christopher Reid, Susan Wang, Yvonne Qiao


Design Solution:

The capsule designs perfectly convey the personality of each of the nine inks, bringing them to life in fantastical scenes that reinforce the brand story of Ferris Wheel Press. ‘Easter-egg’ elements are incorporated to reward those who take time to admire the finished product, providing moments of discovery. The canister is designed to be re-purposed as a desktop pen holder, and each bottle includes a velvet travel pouch for writers on the go.