'Focus 20/20' Vidyard Company Kickoff Event
This Vidyard’s off-site strategy event reflects the themes of simplification and alignment and explore potential future applications of the design system for internal events. 



Creative Director: Raj Sidhu RGD

Designer: Anneliese Alonso

Video Production/Animation: Blake Smith, Mathew King

Coordinator: Laura Flatt

Strategy/Content: Michael Litt, Devon Galloway, Vidyard Executive Team 


Design Solution:

The kick-off event addressed the fiscal 2020 calendar year, which inspired the ‘Focus 20/20’ optical theme of the event. Research and initial exploration of the theme led to a serious, dark yet punchy concept that suited the concept and the industrial space where the event would take place. Design deliverables included the event logo, slide layouts, swag, posters, hype videos and lanyards, which were created in tandem to ensure consistency. Internal feedback was overwhelmingly positive, paving the way for future internal events to hold to the same standard.