G Adventures 'National Geographic Family Journeys: Travel Style' Launch Campaign
This campaign marketed a new product line to a brand new audience of families looking to explore the world and travel together. 



Creative Director: Dave Daga

Associate Creative Director: Kyle Jordan

Lead Art Director: Ashley Luppe

Art Director/Designer: Amy Flores

Lead Copywriter: Warren Haas

Videography & Production: Sofia Lane, Sean Deakin, Lee Thomas

Photography: Oana Dragan

Producer: Shereen Mroueh

Account Manager: Hayley Blackmore

Brand Manager: Amanda Dunning


Design Solution:

The cross-media launch campaign included digital display ads, video content and a direct mail activity book recognizing similarities across different types of families around the world and speaking to how travel can help families connect with each other. The brand experience reflected the excitement, fun and connections offered within the trips. To speak to both adults and a younger audience, the design uses creative solutions to delineate different messages while maintaining a cohesive tone and style. The campaign has been successful in generating online impressions, contest entries and generated leads.