Herschel Supply Company ‘The Journal’ Issue 10
This visual celebration of Herschel’s products and stories represents a growing community of travellers and the ‘Well Travelled’ lifestyle essentials intended for continual discovery. 



Creative Director: Sung Lee

Designers: Andrea Husky, Jenny Shipper

Photographer: Stephen Wilde

Editor: Frank Daniello

Contributors: Jules Gayton, Dane Collison, Laura Austin, EmmaRose Nelson

Production: Marta Sanderson, Allison Butula

Stylist: Mila Franovic


Design Solution:

Through a photographic narrative, The Journal represents the seamless coexistence of tradition and modernity on the Hawaiian Islands, visually celebrating the utopian archipelago and the products it inspired. Issue 10 of The Journal was produced as large format newsprint instead of a printed bound magazine to better indicate to consumers that it is a free publication. It effectively presents the brand ethos and highlights the organization’s appreciation for travel and exploration. 


Judge’s Pick:

"In a time where our attention span is measured in clicks and scrolls, it’s refreshing to see a brand that understands that not all mediums need to be reactive or responsive. As a brand with an ethos revolving around travel and taking the time to appreciate the more meaningful moments in life, the Herschel team has done a great job of considering how the choice of ‘medium’ helps to evoke and amplify their message. The format of the piece allows you to sit, digest and connect with the brand at a slower, more deliberate pace. It also doesn’t feel commercial or product driven, which creates a more authentic connection with the brand’s values. The overall aesthetic is clean and minimal, bringing together modern type and design elements with tasteful, FOMO-inducing imagery in a considered layout with ample negative space, providing room for the photography to breathe."

– Pat Young