Mountain Equipment Coop 'See Yourself Outside' Video
To kickstart conversations around MEC’s diversity and inclusion initiative, this video announces significant change throughout the organization. 



Writer/Director: Laurence Warriner

Producer: Jaime Jacquard-Sowa

Brand Director: Ryan McKee


Design Solution:

The video challenges the viewer’s perception of indoors and outdoors, breaking down walls to tell the whole story and showcase people of colour living active lifestyles without tokenizing specific activities or moments. The video was timed prior to the holiday season to avoid hitting an oversaturated market and ensure that the message would receive the attention it deserves. The team continues to receive feedback from members about their excitement at seeing representation and inclusion in the outdoor industry. 


Judge’s Pick:

"This is a timely project that highlights one human’s story in a ‘humans-centered’ approach to impactful communication design. The simple message of inclusion is multi-faceted, recognizing people of colour, women and outdoors-people who contribute to the massive outdoor recreation industry. The video highlights a business opportunity and invites the audience to engage in a broader conversation about changing social norms, gradually planting the seed towards movement-building. It touches both the head and the soul, apropos of the content itself — the magic of the great outdoors. This duality is evident throughout the video. The images of technology and urban landscape vs the forest and trails; the images of the current mono-culture marketing vs the reality of the polychromatic outdoor recreation market. The abruptness to which these elements are introduced well serves the tension that is the basis for this important work. I have so much respect for Judith Kasiama and her courage to recognize and challenge the norm. Bravo to MEC for reaching out and seizing the opportunity to help the world see and act differently. “See Yourself Outside” is the type of storytelling and purpose-driven communication that showcases the incredible power of design."

– Grace Hwang