National Concrete Accessories On-Site Delivery Van Branding
This van design serves as a marketing tool by creating a three-dimensional rendering of the National Concrete Accessories Showroom and the products on its shelves. 



Creative Concept: Rick Tibau RGD, Marvin Ramsay

Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design & Pre-Press: Rick Tibau RGD


Design Solution:

To promote the brand and products that are offered at National Concrete Accessories branches, the design of the van was approached as a mobile billboard. Each section of the shelves was photographed separately and combined together using Photoshop to avoid distortion and maintain visual integrity. The van is currently being used for several deliveries and it is considered the “17th Branch” of National Concrete Accessories, which currently has 16 branches across Canada. 


Judge’s Pick:

"The on-site delivery van hits all of the criteria of creativity and strategy. The design is very interesting and I assume if I saw it on the street I would take time to really look at it. I thought it was a great execution on the problem and also a great way to introduce brand awareness for NCA."

– Jamie Myrold