Saskatchewan Polytechnic miyo wahkohtowin: Indigenous Student Success Strategy
This piece provided background on the development of the post-secondary strategy, highlights current success stories and identifies future implementation plans to incorporate the initiatives organization-wide. 



Art/Creative Director & Designer: Deborah Clague

Photographer: David Stobbe

Illustrator: Kevin Pee-Ace

Project Manager: Brianna Bergeron


Design Solution:

The substantial print piece features a glow-in-the-dark dreamcatcher on the cover symbolizing the power of education, as well as interior illustrative artwork by Cree artisan Kevin Pee-Ace. It also incorporates Indigenous languages historic to the region (Cree, Denesuline, Nakawe, Dakota and Michif). With the launch of this piece, Saskatchewan Polytechnic is committing to further Indigenization of the institute which will include Indigenous languages and appropriate representation on all collateral, including learning material.


Judge’s Pick:

"This project is an elegant design solution that gives the document substance with a clear, considered layout, clever use of beautiful photography and the important integration of indigenous illustrations and languages. I found the publication informative, easy to digest and an attractive document due to its creative use of colour, considered balance of photos and text, quotes and illustrations. The design is not over complicated and makes good use of white space and colour balance. The extra treatments on the cover, including foil and embossing, are enticing and respectful. Well done! The elements of the core design, with the inclusion of Indigenous languages and appropriate representation, will easily transfer to all future collateral."

– Gay Cross