WE Charity Mother’s Day Campaign
This emotionally-engaging, content-driven campaign drove sales of ME to WE Mother’s Day products with a female audience, with a minimum of 50% of proceeds directly supporting the work of WE Charity in developing countries around the world. 



Head Creative, Design & Video: Marta Cutler

Director of Design: Lisa McCoy

Designers: Melanie Runghen, Simone Hummel

Writer: Megan Harris

Multimedia Designer: Simone Hummel

Editor: Wanda O’Brian

Product Photography: Stacy Vazquez-Abrams


Design Solution:

In Kenya, the word, “Mama” is a sign of respect. This campaign renamed ‘Mother’s Day’ as ‘Mama’s Day,’ elevating the term ‘Mama’ to mean ‘next-level mothering’ and reclaiming this annual event on WE’s terms. The team mined the organization’s library of stories to profile the incredible Mamas WE works with around the world, using strong, slightly cheeky copy to demonstrate that these women aren’t just mothers; they’re community leaders, role models, entrepreneurs and protectors.