COVID-19 related Projects by Canadian Designers in the Public Sector

RGD highlights projects by the Government of Ontario, Health Design Studio, Public Health Sudbury & Districts, Healthcare Human Factors and Health Canada. 

In this unprecedented time, designers are doing their part to address the needs of their clients (both internal and external) and the public at large.
Michael J. Young RGD and the Creative Services team at the Government of Ontario designed a public education campaign to provide crucial health and safety information to Ontarians throughout the COVID-19 global health crisis. 
The campaign reached citizens province-wide and included print, out of home, television, radio, digital and social media tactics.
Christina Dery Provisional RGD, the Health Design Studio team at OCADU in collaboration with Medical professionals developed COVID-19 printables that are open-access, multi-lingual, adaptable infographic handouts for COVID-19 information. 
Plain language and simple, friendly, inclusive icons distill information into simple steps and concepts to improve access, understanding and inclusiveness of information for diverse populations.
Jesyka Bastelak Provisional RGD and the team at Public Health Sudbury & Districts developed 'Stronger Together, Safer Apart' campaign to educate the public on COVID-19 physical distancing etiquette.
The campaign consists of a variety of mediums including social media graphics, billboards, signage and radio ads, designed with inspiration from 1950’s etiquette guides.
In collaboration with Toronto General Hospital’s MDRD, IPAC and Medical Engineering teams, Healthcare Human Factors designed a protocol to approach the reprocessing of used N95 masks. 
The protocol also included a set of instructional posters to guide frontline staff in the safe donning, doffing and storage of used and/or reprocessed N95 masks. This protocol package was also adapted for Health Canada to be distributed as a resource for other hospitals throughout Ontario.
The COVID-19 brand developed by Health Canada's design team is meant to be simple and flexible in print and digital.
These social-media images show the continuity of brand application across the various sub-themes.