COVID-19 related Projects from Chairman Ting, Invest Durham, City of Moncton, Niagara Region, Underline and Zync

In this unprecedented time, designers are doing their part to address the needs of their clients (both internal and external) and the public at large. In this showcase, the RGD highlights COVID-related projects by designers working at creative agencies and in-house for organizations that work directly with the public.


Nicola Beck RGD and the team at Strategic Communications & Public Affairs, Niagara Region, created bold, clear and simple print and digital solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the pandemic evolving rapidly, they had to develop communication that was adaptable that allowed them to share and change the message quickly within the 12 municipalities.



Fidel Peña RGD and Claire Dawson RGD along with the team at Underline Studio designed a poster for Designers Against Coronavirus (DAC), a digital archive and book created and curated by Carosello Lab in Milan.

DAC is aiming to raise funds for the International Red Cross and Croce Rossa Italiana. Our poster illustrates with straight forward language and layout the need to keep social distance during the pandemic.



Marko Zonta RGD and the Zync team worked with a joint venture to post and recruit for COVID-19 clinical trials. 
COVID TRIALS needed a new brand to help position the initiative with doctors, the medical community and the general public to recruit trial participants. The visual language was designed to represent the 'C' and 'T' from the name, building a representation of the virus itself. Then, we developed the brand positioning – Help Complete the Circle. 



Carson Ting, from Chairman Ting was one of the many artists chosen to add a little colour to Vancouver during these dark times for Make Art While Apart.
Make Art While Apart is an initiative organized by the Vancouver Mural Festival to utilize the stores that were boarded-up in Vancouver due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. 



Alona Topolnisky, Affiliate Member and the team at Invest Durham designed social media graphics and newspaper ads to notify local businesses of the resources available to help them navigate the economic crisis of COVID-19.

Judy Wheaton, CGD, Graphic Designer at City of Moncton, designed signage and graphics for social media to advise the citizens of various rules and regulations put into motion due to combat the pandemic.

Moncton being a bilingual city and corporation, all the communication was provided in English as well as in French.


To share your COVID-19 related projects whether they are self-initiated or for your client, please email Rushika Shah at