COVID-19 related Projects from Calgary Catholic School District, Municipality of Clarington, Town of Lincoln and the Region of Peel

In this unprecedented time, designers are doing their part to address the needs of their clients (both internal and external) and the public at large. This week, RGD highlights COVID-related projects by designers working in-house for organizations that work directly with the public.


Jessica Ward RGD and the team at Municipality of Clarington designed signage and infographics for the residents of Clarington. 



Leanne Persichini Provisional RGD and team at Town of Lincoln designed Lincoln-specific messages to share online via social & website for the residents. Their focus was to get accurate and timely information out to help combat misinformation & to help support local businesses and economy. 

Nicole Sweazey Affiliate Member and the team at Calgary Catholic School District designed infographics, web banners and newsletters to notify students, parents, teachers and staff about COVID-19 related changes. 
Brenda Barratt Affiliate Member and at the team at Region of Peel designed posters, infographics and social media messaging for the residents. 



To share your COVID-19 related projects whether they are self-initiated or for your client, please email Communications Coordinator, Rushika Shah, at