RGD announces Board of Directors for 2021

The RGD's Annual General Meeting took place on April 24 to review the Association's accomplishments over the past year and elect Directors to the Board for 2021/2022. Visit the Members Only section to watch a recording of the meeting.


Three Certified RGDs were re-elected to the Board at the Meeting: Faron Dawe, Amanda DeVries, Victor Szeto. Additionally, the RGD is pleased to welcome newly-elected Board Members Amanda Bolte and Magued Hanna.



Goals of our Newly-Elected Directors


Amanda Bolte RGD: "My goal is to focus on ‘designers that celebrate and support designers’ through member engagement that grows awareness of the RGD and expands the membership base. Offering creatives expanded mentorship opportunities that augment skill sets and assist them to be stronger design and business professionals. I want to grow the value that RGD brings to its Members and the design community.


Faron Dawe RGD: "As RGD’s VP of Education, over the past 2 years, I have witnessed first hand the value of the education committee as it relates to RGD’s support, resources and offerings to its members. I hope to continue to aid, represent and support those in Canada’s design education spectrum and build on the existing and future goals and initiatives of the Education Committee.


Amanda DeVries RGD: Working on the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, I look forward to continuing to lend my voice and perspectives. I love witnessing the enthusiasm and innovation that pervades everything RGD does and hope to offer a unique point of view, whether it’s bringing in speakers with fresh perspectives, shining a spotlight on design from non-urban centres or being a conduit for younger voices within our organization.


Magued Hanna RGD: "Digital has given rise to so many relatively new disciplines, including UX design and UX research, accessibility and UI engineering. I would be delighted to drive and support initiatives that connect, shape and bring structure to these areas, so RGD can become a centre of excellence for them in the same way it has for traditional graphic design."


Victor Szeto RGD: "One of my first-term goals was to help amplify the voices and perspectives of under-represented designers. Over the course of the last few years, furthering this goal feels like it’s more important than ever. Chairing the Certification Committee has been an eye-opening experience, so I would like to further develop programs to assist current and future Members to succeed and thrive."


A recording of the Annual General Meeting, along with Nicola Hamilton RGD's President's Report, is available for Members in the Members Only section.


The 2021 RGD Board of Directors is:


  • President: Nicola Hamilton RGD
  • Vice Presidents: Julian Brown RGD (Communications); Elyse Maxwell RGD (Membership); Faron Dawe RGD (Education); Jennifer Taback RGD (Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Secretary: Amanda Bolte RGD
  • Treasurer: Victor Szeto RGD
  • Directors: Ian Chalmers RGD; Amanda DeVries RGD; Greg Dubeau RGD; Bianca DiPietro RGD; Magued Hanna RGD; Kathleen Scott RGD
  • Ex Officio: Ceri Higgs Provisional RGD; Danielle Wong Provisional RGD; Joseph Thoong Student RGD
  • Student Advisor to the Board: Rupsha Mutsuddi Student RGD 

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