Depositphotos releases top visual trends for 2020
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Depositphotos has released Visual Trends 2020, a report highlighting this year's most popular visual and aesthetic themes.


A photo library with millions of files, Depositphotos works with more than 96 thousand contributors from all over the world so that designers and creators from 192 countries can implement their visual projects. Their Visual Trends 2020 project was completed in collaboration with experts in visual communication from 12+ international creative agencies. In it, they defined how photography, graphic, and web design will mirror the artistic, social, and tech movements around the globe. Contributing experts include B-Reel, PIXIT, MediaMonks, BBDO Warsaw, Perq Studio, MADCATS, Aimbulance, and Super an der Spree.


“We want to provide people working in the creative sector with a powerful tool of reference and to motivate those who want to try something new. The implications of the Visual Trends 2020 project stretch beyond the industry we work in,” says Vadim Nekhai, CEO of Depositphotos. “It is a source of inspiration not only for creatives but also for anyone working in a field that values ​​the power of visuals and uses them on a daily basis as a tool of communication.”

The key trends to look out for in 2020 include: a call for stock photographers to shoot new and emerging technology in context; the influence of AI; visuals focusing on details instead of the big picture; sky-high demand for vertical content; the rise of abstract liquid designs and animations; new interpretations of Bauhaus; and the quick return of Brutalism.


Depositphotos shares a few examples and their thoughts on them below:


Neon Dystopia

“Referring to the cyberpunk aesthetic is a source of inspiration for designers. The trend is inspired by a brand new video game 'Cyberpunk 2077,' mass and underground culture of the 80s, and extremely popular TV series such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and Chernobyl. Extended neon palettes became a powerful way to make a statement and appeal to audiences with an imaginative take on a dystopian future.”


“In 2020, you may spot futuristic, neon undertones in art and design. It may be a bit ironic, but this approach works well for marketing campaigns and content production with blogs, videos, and creative projects in general. The New Pope drama TV series by Paolo Sorrentino and ultra-neon Yves Saint Laurent winter collection remain prominent examples.”


Photo example of Neon Dystopia














Author ID: Wirestock | Image link | Link to portfolio


Organic motion graphics

“Organic motion graphics are a great way to hold someone’s attention in the overcrowded online space. Users feel drawn to mesmerizing designs showing soothing movement, fluid shapes and deconstructed forms in constant movement. Including these types of animation can give you a quick fix to using backgrounds for website design and even make a statement on social media.”


“A good thing about motion graphics is that, with the right tools, designers can create animations that seem out of this world. In addition, they’re mesmerizing and fun, especially when inspiration comes from nature and organic forms.”


Photo example of organic motion graphics














Author ID: KrisCole | Image link | Link to portfolio


Brutalism and digital decay

“You can love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it. Brutalism's roots lie in architecture, but the concept and style has taken over the digital world as well. Five years ago, a newfound appreciation for Brutalism emerged with increased attention on architectural style on Instagram. Today, it’s an evolving, rebellious trend urging both designers and viewers to step outside the comfort zone of polished work. The “raw” aesthetic is often applied to website and graphic design, resulting in an overall style that commands attention. It’s not always pretty, but certainly refreshing in a pool of perfectionist layouts, by-the-book compositions, and artistic choices made for universal appeal. Brutalism may be visually demanding, but certainly is not to be confused with anti-design.”

























Author ID: Bashta | Image link | Link to portfolio


Support for designers

Depositphotos is always looking for ways to serve the community and was proud to sponsor RGD's recent Creative Directions Conference.


“Depositphotos is a successful photobank with a library of more than 150 million files. Our mission is to support and develop an international creative community. We were delighted to have the opportunity to support Creative Directions and become part of what helps young creators and designers gain new knowledge and enter the creative industry as professionals,” says Anastasiia Fed-Titova, PR manager at Depositphotos. “Today, more than ever, it is fresh ideas, and vivid, non-trivial solutions that will help create relevant projects that will make a difference in the future.”


Depositphotos is offering all RGD Members a 1-month free trial followed by a 30% discount on their subscriptions and image sales. Find the details here!