Guidelines for reopening Businesses during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Last updated on June 9, 2020

As we prepare to reopen physical workplaces, it is essential to develop work safety guidelines and implement necessary precautions to adapt to the new world. In this article, the RGD has included recommended guidelines that will help creatives through this transition. 

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services - Office Safety Guidelines 


Guidance on Health and Safety for Office Sector during COVID-19Guidance on Health and Safety for Office Administration and Secretarial Staff during COVID-19 and Guidance on Health and Safety for Executives and Management during COVID-19

These guidelines by WSPS provide a basic framework for employers, office administrators, administrative secretaries and maintenance staff to ensure health and safety while at work. Some important recommendations in the guidelines are: 
  • Allow anyone who can to work from home and train everyone on possible COVID-19 transmission points in the workplace. 
  • Implement physical distancing by repositioning workstations, allowing job rotation and limiting the number of people working in one space. 
  • Reschedule unnecessary visits to the workplace by supply chain partners, vendors, delivery people or others who don’t need to be there now.
  • Sanitize the workplace thoroughly and frequently. 
  • Restrict your building to essential employees only and reduce the number of building entry and exit points if possible. 
Below are questions to consider before reopening the offices:
  • Can you minimize or eliminate tasks that put you and others in danger?
  • Can the work you do be done alone or be done from home?
  • Is there an opportunity to put barriers in place between desks?
  • Is there a possibility of increasing air circulation?  
If you or your office is using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be sure to learn about its used, care, putting on and taking off, maintenance, cleaning and limitations.
If health and safety concerns are not resolved internally, a worker may seek enforcement by calling 1-877-202-0008. 

The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators 

CAPIC has released recommended Health and Safety Guidelines for Commercial Photographers returning to work during the Covid-19 pandemic. All photographers following these guidelines must ensure that they are also abiding by all local health and safety directions. CAPIC is now working on having these recommendations adopted by provincial governments as part of the re-opening phases.
Below are some useful templates created by CAPIC


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This article is purely informational in nature and should not, in anyway, be construed as expert advice. Please contact your lawyers, accountants or relevant government institutions for any queries.
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