Virtual Day in the Life of an RGD: Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips RGDAssociate Creative Director at Generator Strategy Advertisingtakes us through her typical day. 


The Basics
Name: Amanda Phillips RGD

Company: Generator Strategy Advertising in Thunder Bay

Job Title: Associate Creative Director

Take us through a brief overview of your remote workday.
Our smaller team begins each week the same way we normally would, with a production meeting to go over job status and billings but now via Google Hangouts. From there we all set off on our tasks and keep in touch on Slack all day long. Phone conferencing with clients for briefings and presentations are the norm. When we can swing it, we set up “Beer O Clock” to end the week on Google Hangouts with our full team.
What are you currently working on from home? 
We helped one of our clients, Tbaytel, share a video about their important role connecting our community. The video was created much differently than a standard ideation and production process. Shooting is very limited, so it was compiled with videos from all members of the team and community members to create a very authentic appreciation of how important technology is right now while we are all apart. Creative editing props to our Videographer Scott Mackay! Here is a link. 
Have you found any helpful tactics or strategies for staying focused and productive? 
Staying productive has really been about managing our workflows and responding to our clients’ needs as quickly as possible. Many of us rock our shared office Spotify playlist at home to channel those normal work vibes. I find that a lunch-time yoga practice (via where I am a member) or a quick garage gym workout, really helps to re-focus the day and keep my mind and body feeling good for the afternoon. A nice perk of not leaving the house that helps to combat less-than-ergonomic desk fatigue!
How do you combat feelings of isolation or disconnect from your team? 
We’ve definitely been trying to touch base with each other quite a bit. We’re used to working very closely and definitely miss it!
If applicable, how are you approaching working from home while your partner/family/roommates etc. are also home? 
In my case, work hours are a bit of the balance, juggling kids and their school about half of the week. I try to set aside time to get them started on their assignments and when they’re done school they are lucky enough to be able to explore our dead-end road on their bikes for much of the afternoon. 9-5 hours exist as a guideline but schedules require flexibility and more time is spent outside of those hours checking emails. Having creative kids also brings another level of hands-on design thinking: lots of painting, drawing and lego building! It's so wonderful to have the opportunity to witness their creative process as well - hard not to be inspired!
Do you have a favourite playlist or podcast that you’ve been listening to while working from home? 
We each have our faves and some of us have created specific ones for isolation, like Associate Creative Director Ryan Novak’s "Panic Dancing" on Spotify, full of feel-good bangers.
Though seemingly contradictory, social distancing and community are intertwined. Do you have any thoughts or insights you’d like to share with other designers during this time? We’re all in this together. 
We think the conversations we share with our clients on a daily basis remind us all that we’ll get through this. Kindness and understanding have been prevalent all around, each of us supporting and listening to the challenges that come up with uncertain times.