Virtual Day in the Life of an RGD: Janice Van Eck

In a new spin on our "Day in the Life" series, we're asking RGD Members to take us through their days as they work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Next up is Janice Van Eck RGD,  an independent Art Director and Designer


The Basics
Name: Janice Van Eck RGD

Job Title: Freelance Art Director and Designer

Work: Janice Van Eck


What are you currently working on from home?
I just finished up an issue of Faith Today magazine. We were about to start production on the issue when the pandemic started so we made a pivot on the cover stories, to focus on community and how you cultivate and preserve that during these times of physical isolation. The magazines just landed in people’s mailboxes this week, so the issue has been very timely!
How are you approaching working from home while your partner/family/roommates etc. are also home? 
Well, funnily enough I just converted, in December/January, what use to be my home office into a leather-working studio and my home computer was temporarily put into a corner in my kitchen. I was working full time at a co-working office for over a year so what could go wrong… Alas, I find myself working from that little corner in my kitchen for now. Can’t wait to get back to my office at The Junction. We’ll see how this all pans out….
Have you found any helpful tactics or strategies for staying focused and productive?
It is best to just accept that some days productivity is going to take a bit of a  dive. I spend a certain amount of time on social during the day but then cut myself off for the afternoon so that I can be more focused on work.
How do you combat feelings of isolation or disconnect from your team?
I have upped my use of FaceTime and Zoom. One nice thing was that while normally I would just communicate with an illustrator by email or cell, for the Faith Today cover I did a Skype chat with a new illustrator and it was nice to actually collaborate “in person.”
Though seemingly contradictory, social distancing and community are intertwined. Do you have any thoughts or insights you’d like to share with other designers during this time? We’re all in this together. 
Unexpected days bring unexpected opportunities. Don’t forget to look for those opportunities and continue reaching out to friends and colleagues.