Using Video Effectively in Your Marketing

Presented by Fiorella Cunha, Co-owner & Executive Producer at Storia Photo + Video



This webinar focuses on how to use video effectively in your marketing.



  • Why creatives should use video
  • Creating video content from a strategy approach
  • The right video content throughout your customer's journey
  • Video content roadmap - 3 Essential Video
  • Video topics for graphic designers 


About Fiorella Cunha

Fiorella is the co-owner and executive producer at Storia Photo + Video, working daily managing client accounts, strengthening existing client relationships and working to acquire and build new client relationships. A Ryerson graduate with 22+ years of experience as a business owner, and 12 years of experience in the corporate universe prior to that, Fiorella is no stranger to the world of business, public relations and the importance of constantly growing your client base and capturing your target audience in tailored and engaging ways. Storia’s focus today remains the client; and creating, producing  and distributing video content for businesses to help them leverage the power of video marketing.


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