Masculinity Is A Prison (MIAP) by Derrick Oduro Provisional RGD

It is preventable. All it takes is us. We matter, too. Let’s start a conversation.


Art Director & Designer: Derrick Oduro Provisional RGD

Photo Studio Assistants: Lisette Curameng Provisional RGD, Ronnel Panizares, Youssef Nassar

Music: Ryan Andersen - Artificial Intelligence (Instrumental) & Mutestare - Go Home, It's Night Already / Early Reflections (Instrumentals)

French Translation: Danielle Martin

Mentors: Alanna McKibbon, Jay Ginsherman

Instructor: Isabel Meirelles


Special thanks to the anonymous individuals who were a part of being an open voice and contributing for an educational cause.


The Masculinity is a Prison campaign is about young adult men of colour who face difficulties in the areas of mental health and well-being. It utilizes different mediums to address this on-going and deep-rooted stigma, especially with minorities. Central to this no-face campaign is an interview video, where a group of hand-picked participants anonymously start this conversation by confronting their experiences growing up and their perspectives about mental health. An interactive pills installation, ‘Pick Your Poison’ invites visitors to learn about the types of mental illnesses affecting men, whilst a pocket handbook more informatively aims to provide a call-to-action. In addition, posters, cards, collectable items (pins and stickers), and apparel were designed to visually accompany the campaign. To continue this important conversation, the MIAP campaign has an Instagram community on social media with the handle and hashtag #ImprisonNoMore (to break free; a release from these societal and generational shackles of suppression, trauma, and turmoil). For more information visit: