Masculinity Is A Prison (MIAP) by Derrick Oduro Provisional RGD

It is preventable. All it takes is us. We matter, too. Let’s start a conversation.


Professor: Isabel Meirelles

Photo Studio Assistants: Lisette Curameng Provisional RGD, Ronnel Panizares, Youssef Nassar

Written & Creative Direction: Derrick Oduro Provisional RGD

Music: Ryan Andersen, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (Instrumental); Mutestare, ’Go Home, It’s Night Already’, ’Early Reflections’ (Instrumental)

Guest Speakers: Alanna McKibbon, Jay Ginsh


This campaign focuses on young adult men of colour who face difficulties in the areas of mental health and wellness. Central to the campaign is a video, where a group of participants share their experiences and perspectives about well-being. An interactive installation ‘Pick Your Poison’ invites visitors to learn about mental illnesses. A more in-depth handbook acts as a call-to-action. Posters, cards and other merchandise were also designed as a part of the campaign. The campaign now has an Instagram handle with the hashtag #ImprisonNoMore. For more information visit: